nordic art experience

Keitaat / Oases invite you to join a timeless nordic art experience. Keitaat / Oases are dialogical media art installations made by Amanda Kauranne and Mikko H. Haapoja. In their project Kauranne and Haapoja create audio-visual art and music by travelling through the Nordic countries. The project focuses on nature and all the peacefulness that still exists.

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In 2017 Keitaat/Oases will be featured for example in Siglufjördur folk music festival. In Iceland, there will be presented three Keitaat/Oases installation-performances: Karelian Oases, Oases from HEL and one piece about North Icelandic nature itself.
Oases from HEL
Oases from HEL is a dialogical art project which explores Helsinki citizens' favourite urban nature spots. Stay tuned!
The premiere screening for Karelian Oases was in Helsinki Music Centre, Black Box hall on November 4th 2016. The piece has been filmed in Haikola, a Viena Karelian village without electricity.
The first Keitaat/Oases exhibition took place in artArctica festival 2016. There Kauranne and Haapoja improvised together with dancer Geza Piper and the waters of Greenland.