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Keitaat / Oases is a series of nature-inspired audiovisual installations, started by Amanda Kauranne and Mikko H. Haapoja. Installations transfer its visitors to different places in the Nordics. Keitaat / Oases focuses on nature and all the peacefulness that still exists.

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Keitaat / Oases captures sounds and landscapes, feelings, moments and little details of the North. The fifth Keitaat / Oases piece - Luonnon hiljaisuus (Silence of nature) will be premiered in 2021. The piece is about nature experiencing in Kittilä, Finland. The artistic work for the piece was started in Silence Residency in Kaukonen in July 2018.

Luonnon Hiljaisuus showreel (3:55, on YouTube)

Keitaat / Oases installations combine video and sound art together with music improvisations by Amanda Kauranne and Mikko H. Haapoja and dance art by Gesa Piper. Often the Keitaat / Oases installations host also open discussions about nature experiencing and performances of guest artists.
Oases from HEL
Oases from HEL is a dialogical art project which explores Helsinki citizens' favourite urban nature trails and areas. During 2017-2019 Oases from HEL was performed in various places in Helsinki and also in Siglufjördur fmf, New York and Silence Residency, Kittilä. In November 2019, Oases from HEL was installed in the Helsinki Central Library Oodi.
The premiere screening for 'Meadownshifting - Karelian Oases' was in Helsinki Music Centre, Black Box hall on November 4th 2016. The piece has been filmed in Haikola, a Viena Karelian village without electricity.

Meadownshifting showreel (6:15, youtube)

The very first Keitaat / Oases exhibition took place in artArctica festival 2016. There Kauranne and Haapoja improvised together with dance artist Gesa Piper and the waters of Greenland.
In 2017, three Keitaat / Oases installations were presented in Siglufjördur folk music festival, North Iceland: Karelian Oases (2016), Oases from HEL (2017), in addition to the piece of North Icelandic nature (2016).
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